Wednesday, May 16, 2012

29 Faces - Face #15: "The Almost Mostly Dead With One Big Eye Skull Face Guy"

This is #15 of 29 paintings for the "29 Faces Of May Challenge" - a group of artists challenging themselves to paint 29 faces in the month of May.
These 29 faces will all be 8" x 8". Very collectible! Each one is striking on its own, but they will also look great hanging in a group!
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Jon Jon said...

Are these paintings from your imagination or your nightmares. I find it interesting that you choose to celebrate death, dismemberment and human decay. One question: Why?

CES said...

For my darker ones, I usually set out with a generalized idea of what I'm going to paint and as I'm painting it evolves. I don't have nightmares. If you look at the full breadth of my work, I also celebrate color, life, and beauty. I find just as much beauty in a skull as I do in a bowl of strawberries sitting in the sun!